our vision

  • House of Prayer
  • Operate in Unity
  • Reclaiming lives for Christ
  • Reaching Clintonville and beyond

Our Mission:

Here at Family of Christ our mission is for every believer to be actively involved in the Great Commission. We encourage every believer to use their gifts and talents to further the Kingdom of God. 

Core Values

  • Outward Focused - We believe that lost people matter to God and should matter to us. Believers should be active in their witness and daily look for opportunities to share Christ with non believers.
  • Relevant Teaching - We believe that the anointed teaching and preaching of the Gospel is the catalyst for transformation in people's lives. The scriptures inspired by God are the basis for our teaching, preaching and worship.  
  • Discipleship training - We believe that full devotion to Christ ought to be the focus and goal of every believer. As a church, we are intentional of meeting everyone where they are at and equipping and training them to live a more Christ centered life. 
  • Spiritual Gifts - We believe that every believer is given gifts that are to be discovered, developed and used for the benefit of the whole church. The gifts are valid for today and should be exercised in such a way that they honor God and strengthen people.  
  • Community Minded - We believe that we are to love and serve others as we are the hands and feet of Jesus, helping to meet the practical and spiritual needs of individuals.